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Financial Considerations of Divorce

Divorce can be a time of tremendous stress, emotionally & financially

Divorce can be a time of tremendous stress, emotionally & financially

The process of divorce can be very disruptive.  It is also an opportunity to look forward and refocus your life.  An important aspect of that is to understand what your financial life will look like.  It is essential to empower yourself financially and ideally know your options before the divorce process begins.

We work with you and if desired, with your attorney, to evaluate your financial situation and understand what you need, and where you will be.

Arrange a Confidential Financial Consultation

Divorce finances can be complex. 

Our step by step process helps you protect your interests. 

About Steve DeGraff & divorce planning

About Steve DeGraff & divorce planning

Nearly 10 years ago Steve assisted a client who was going through a divorce.  What quickly became clear is that the financial considerations associated with divorce were more complex than traditional retirement planning.  Over the course of the next several years he was engaged by a variety of clients going through divorces.  Through those experiences he developed a process specific to the financial steps associated with divorce.  

This journey also introduced him to the Women & Family Life Center in Guilford, CT, where he has served as a board member and provides complimentary financial consults.  Steve recognizes that it is important to have a strong support network, both professionally and personally.  To that end, he has a network of resources should you not be sure where to turn. 

He has also developed a complimentary virtual workshop specific to the financial considerations of divorce.  A teacher at heart, Steve believes education is critical to protecting your interests and understanding what is realistic.  Click on the Learn More Button to be directed to resources or information about our workshops.

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