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Continuity Planning

What is Your Plan?

What is Your Plan?

Running a business leaves little time to think about how to prepare for what "could" go wrong, yet those worries can easily keep you up at night.   Issues such as losing a business partner, the loss of key talent, the loss of financial resources, or the lack of a comprehensive continuity plan for the employees; these can all lead to unnecessary problems or threaten the business altogether.   

We specialize in helping business owners, working with you to understand where your business is vulnerable and to guide you on steps needed to protect what you have worked so hard to build.  

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What If?

What If?

There are many things can disrupt your business.  Some of the most disruptive are not tied to business cycles, yet with planning the effects of such events can be mediated.  Proper Continuity Planning can also strengthen your business in the eyes of strategic partners, banks, and your employees by demonstrating that you have fully prepared for "What If".  

These issues frequently keep business owners awake at night wondering what could happen to their ownership interest and the business itself. Solutions may include things like:

  • Buy/Sell Plan Update/Creation
  • Business Continuity Instructions
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Wage Continuation Plans
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